Jamie Leigh

love note jar

Lay All Your Love On Me

Love notes! They never get old, and they really show someone how much you care. You can write them for any occasion or just because. Also a very cost effective and meaningful gift idea. Just a few tweaks to the…

cover photo

Dollar Store Marbled Mugs

I’ve seen hydro dipping around the TikTok and wanted to try it. I figured this would be a good introduction to that mess! I got some coffee cups and different types of nail polish. The dollar store can have great…

movie watching kit

Dollar Store Movie Gift Idea

Another Dollar Store gift idea! The dollar store has many little treasures. Combining those treasures into one finely crafted gift doesn’t take much skill. Just takes a little bit of imagination! This gift is for all the film fanatics, the…

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Dollar Store Baking Gift Idea

The dollar store is just straight up wonderful. Buying things from there doesn’t make you cheap. It makes you smart! If you give a single item to someone from the dollar store as a gift then you aren’t trying. If…


You Make Me Feel So Glittery!

Ornaments! So many ornaments! Of course at the store they want an outrageous amount for something you could do yourself! I’ll be showing you a quick and easy way to make glitter ornaments. The glitter will be inside the ornaments…