Disney Pins

Disney is magical, even to most adults. We can relive our childhood, the magic, and the nostalgia. Disney has so much to do and see. We found out about a pin-collecting underground club. Not necessarily underground but it feels like a secret club. Like a mini-game within the larger game that is Disney Land.

These pins can get very expensive though. There are ways around it. Ways I shouldn’t share because Disney may come after me and my non-existent children but I’m willing to risk it for your benefit.

Amazon has sellers that will sell 20 pins for like 25 bucks. Sometimes you can find awesome deals! However there may be a knockoff pin or two in the lot. which are easy to spot and can just be thrown away. We even went to the gift shops outside the parks where they sell a lot of stuff you can get in the park but for waaaaaay cheaper.

They had a whole section for pins. We stumbled on a deal they had of outdated pins in packs of 8 for 10 bucks. Granted these pins are not good pins, but who cares. The idea is to buy cheap ones and trade them and get quality ones! However, we would always get a few decent ones that we would keep.

If you buy the pins in the park they can get up to $20 each. Most of them you can find for around $10 but then you end up with a handful of pins for $100. With that kind of money, you could get like 80 pins before you get to the park and be set! Why not go the inexpensive route?! Disney already takes all the money you’ve earned in a year in less than 2 minutes. So anywhere you can save in that place is a great opportunity!

We used to stroll into that place looking like a mess with random assortments of pins. We had random flags, strange metal ones, characters we had never heard of, and weird symbols. By the time we leave we are usually being stopped by people that are trying to get specialty pins we happened to stumble across. We leave feeling like kings! We did it on a budget AND had a blast.

We’re collectors, so another thing to collect and obsess about is fine with us. It did get to a point where we started to get a hefty collection. Instead of chucking them all into a box in the back of the closet, we decided to display them in a binder. This way we could keep track of what we had since we were starting to get doubles.


If you want to recreate this then you can get the following items from Amazon:

    • a binder
    • a bunch of foam sheets
    • a hole punch.



All you need to do is punch holes in the foam sheets, place them in the binder, then poke your pins through the front, and seal them off on the back.

Super simple and you can even bring the whole thing to the park if you want to carry it around all day. We just take pictures of each page with our phone and add them to an album in the photo library. Just to make sure we are finishing sets and not getting double.


That’s All! That’s our pin journey through Disney and an easy way to keep track of them! Let me know your way or if you are a collector yourself!