Is Etsy Worth it?

Is Etsy Worth It?

Etsy has 60 million listings on it. So sometimes it can be overwhelming. It’s easy to get lost in the millions of products the site can offer.

Don’t let that deter you from starting an Etsy shop of your own!

Why wouldn’t you!? What harm will it do? Worst case scenario you’ll be out like 5 bucks.

Etsy charges 20 cents per listing so if you don’t sell a listing in like 4 months then you’re out that money. What is a couple bucks worth of fees if you can actually sell some stuff and make some extra cash.

Like I said before there are a lot of items on the site, so you need to be able to stand out. You can’t get discouraged if the items don’t sell. A lot more can go into the shop than you might think.

Etsy Shop | A How-To With Tips & Tricks

The above link has a bunch of things to keep in consideration before starting. I’m not writing all this to discourage you in any way. I will be your biggest hype man over here! If you are thinking about then do it!! Start it and slowly make it fantastic. You got this! First you should know some disclaimers!

Obviously Etsy has fees. At the end of the sale they take around 5% for a transaction fee. which is way better than Ebay or Mercari which both take around 13%. Amazon Handmade takes 15%. That 5% is taken out of the total so you wont even know it’s gone.

It’s easy to get discouraged since most likely what you are selling is already being sold by someone else. So you really do have to make whatever your selling an extension of yourself. Really make it stand out. You are awesome, so make that reflect in your items!

Etsy is free to sign up for, and they have a seller’s app to make it easy to manage as well. It’s also very user friendly (unlike amazon homemade.)

Do you need to start off with a website, brand, social media presence, and 1,000 items ready to go? Absolutely not. Those things help of course but you can’t make money if you have nothing for sale. So just do it! Start it, and learn as you grow! You can always tweak listings and make them better at any time.

If you’re waiting for everything to be organized and fall into place then you’re going to be waiting a long time. Nothing will be be organized enough or fall into place. Jump the gun and go for it.

Now go! Get it done and make me proud! Too late, I’m already proud! You got this champ!