Wedding Invitations for under $100 can really help you save money with your wedding budget

We ordered 80+ Two sided invitations.

That included envelopes printed with our information on it. Even personalized stickers to seal the envelopes with.

We used and they usually offer new users percentages off just for signing up and shopping with them. does the same but we didn’t use them so I can’t vouch for them.

I’m not even being paid by VistaPrint (Although I’m open to the idea if they want to throw money at me.)

My husband is a graphic designer and usually would make the invitations himself and we would just upload a .png or .blah or something I don’t understand. However he designed the card on the website. They made it easy and had enough content that we could make it right there by altering a template.

I am a gay man so we thought it would be hard to find Mr. & Mr. stuff. The site is surprisingly gay friendly. Obviously there is not a whole lot of options but we were happy to have something to work with.

$100 can seem like a lot but honestly you get a lot for your money and that includes quality. It was one thing we did with minimal stress. Picking who got the invitations though caused a few fights but that’s not important in this moment.

The website will honestly try and sell you 30 more things than what you came for by the time you’re done. That is the only annoying part. However it’s easy to get suckered into extra stuff. It is how we ended up getting the stickers with our names on it. I’m surprised I didn’t end up buying 20 hats with our names on it honestly.

I used them for my business cards and ended up leaving with a stamp, and 2 coffee mugs but I digress. They may tempt you, BUT a little extra flair never hurt anyone! They have reasonable prices, so splurge a bit and get those stickers, personalized envelopes and inserts to put in along with the invites.

Also I really do recommend an address stamp. Save your hands as much writing as you can! A quick stamp to the envelope and you’re done! Or even better they offer 140 return address labels for like 15 bucks. Convenience!

As for thank you cards, we got 100 for 18 bucks off amazon. They had a similar style to the invitations so we thought why the hell not!


This is what worked for us, and was incredibly easy and cost effective!