Best Way to Price Items You’re Selling Online:

Mercari, Ebay, and Facebook marketplace are great tools to sell things and try to make some cash.

How do you find out what a good price is? Guess wildly and overprice your items so they stay there for months?


The answer is:

Research my friend.

You may think the item you have is worth $200 then quickly realize that its worth $20. It’s happened to me a lot. Look on Mercari, and Ebay and find a good price you could list between the two.

I like to be the lowest price or close to the lowest so I know it will sell. I am not in it for the long term benefits. I want it gone fast. If your item has been sitting there for months then people start to question whats wrong with it and they pass it up. There is no shame in deleting old posts and re uploading for exposure. Unless you’re on Mercari and you have a bunch of likes then try to offer the liker a lower price first. Sometimes they bite, you never know!

I price many different items so I keep a spreadsheet to keep track of them all. I found its the best way to do my research. I’ll write out the items I want to sell in batches of 10 and then look them all up.

I start with Mercari and search the items one by one. Find what could be a reasonable price and either compete with the other sellers or drop it a dollar down. If I’m unsure I will hop over to Ebay and see what’s going on with the prices over there and factor that in as well. Then just rinse and repeat one by one down the list.

I won’t post anything until I have a bunch of stuff researched and priced. This way I can sit down and do 10 posts all at once. Instead of switching back and forth between listing and researching frantically.

I see way too many posts on Mercari of people wanting $200 bucks for something that is worth $20. They just don’t research and hope someone will be like “Okay sure!” Very very rarely will that happen, if at all. Do your research and make sure you’re listing a competitive price. There is also no harm in waiting if you think people will buy the similar items first and it’ll go up in value. Popular items tend to do that but its a gamble. It happens with action figures a lot. I waited for the $30 dollar ones to sell since they seemed to be going quick. Then the next week I could list it at $40

Look up prices on anything you are willing to part with and sometimes you’ll be surprised how much it goes for. Even those things you never thought would.

I held onto my Pokemon Cards for 20 years and just recently realized they had value. I had no intent on selling but after looking up prices on a few I quickly abandoned all nostalgia and put a price on my childhood. $80 for a holographic Venasaur!!

For one single piece of paper!

Hell yes!

I’m not doing anything with it anymore except hoarding it. So let the de-clutter begin while simultaneously getting some side cash!

Online selling is where it’s at. Way better to get money from your hoarding tendencies instead of throwing it out. What platform is better for such a thing?

Ebay Vs. Mercari

Click that link to find out!