edward scissorhands

Christmas movies are one of the best parts of the holiday season. Many have a lot of different opinions around what qualifies a movie as a “Christmas Movie.”

Is it a movie revolving entirely around Christmas? Maybe a movie just set around Christmas time? Possibly even a movie where there’s just snow.

Many people think that if movie takes place DURING Christmas but doesn’t make the theme around Christmas, shouldn’t be considered a Christmas or holiday movie.

My interpretation of what is a Christmas movie is low. I don’t agree with the statement above. So I scoured the internet and all those top lists to give you the top 5 Christmas movies that aren’t really Christmas movies.

Now remember, These movies are all from lists, articles, and other blogs that say these are NOT Christmas movies. Yet so many people would disagree with them. I would argue that my choices are all 100% Christmas movies. I have chosen the top five movies since there is so much debate around these particular movies.

Top 5 Christmas Movies That Aren’t Really Christmas Movies According To The Internet:


#5 Just Friends:

just friends

I put this one last because there isn’t AS much of a debate if this is a Christmas movie or not. The whole premise is going home for the holidays after wanting to leave your old life behind. As always life catches up with you! I don’t even know how it’s on this list honestly. Christmas is a huge part of the movie but still people tend to think this is not a Christmas Movie.

FUN FACT: Anna Faris ate actual toothpaste during that scene where she’s loopy from all the Vicodin. Which for me makes that scene even greater.


#4 Gremlins


There was a scene where Phoebe Cate’s character described how her father got stuck in the chimney pretending to be Santa. He died and rotted in there for days. If that isn’t Christmas than I don’t know what is! Honestly though, that still haunts me to this day. So I make it a point to watch it every Christmas!

It takes place during Christmas and is heavily Christmas themed. Minus the murder and mayhem of course. Yet there is still argument that its not a Christmas movie. psh okay surrrre.


# 3 Edward Scissor hands

This one has Christmas in the movie, but is it a big part of it? You could over-analyze it and find many reasons why this is a Christmas Movie. For 1, look at that picture. I mean come on! He’s in front of a house with holiday lights. Second reason is many people’s Christmas is spent trying to fit in with family. That’s all this guy does is try to fit in. Fit in and also trimming a LOT of trees.


#2 Die Hard


This one has so much debate around it. HOW?! Its 100% a Christmas movie! the desire to reunite with his family at all costs for Christmas Eve. That is the whole premise! It even takes place at an office CHRISTMAS party. Just because there is murder, mayhem, and bloody Bruce Willis doesn’t mean it isn’t a Christmas movie. Yet, it is still wildly debated. Not as much as the number 1 spot on today’s list.


#1 The Shining

The Shining


Number 1! the Most UN-christmassy Christmas movie involves Jack Nicholson needing get away with the family to a winter wonderland. Mommy and daddy get seasonal depression and hijinks ensue. The most debate around a Christmas movie I have seen. Just because its horror and depressing at times doesn’t mean its NOT a Christmas Movie. What do you mean possession isn’t a Christmas theme?! Holy Spirit my friend! He’s just feeling that Holy Spirit super hard. If he would’ve dressed up like Santa then maybe his heart wouldn’t have frozen over!


That is my list and I’m sticking to it! These are all Christmas movies in my eyes! The internet disagrees and truly thinks these are NOT Christmas movies. What are your thoughts? Would you have numbered this list differently?