love note jar

Love notes! They never get old, and they really show someone how much you care. You can write them for any occasion or just because. Also a very cost effective and meaningful gift idea. Just a few tweaks to the design and you can personalize for anyone in your life!

A very simple yet personal gift idea for that person who is hard to shop for. You can get a jar and even colored paper from the dollar store. A total of $2 for an incredibly meaningful gift. Doesn’t just have to be for a spouse or partner. You could write out a note jar for your mail-person if you’re close enough. Tell them how much you appreciate that they bring you happiness in mail form!

I used glass etching on my jar but that is not a necessary step. If you’d like to see how to do that then click here!


Who Can You Make These Jars For?

Maternal/Paternal unit:

  • Appreciation of all the things they do for you.
  • Why they mean so much to you.
  • Things you will do for them so they don’t have to.


  • Love notes!
  • sexual innuendos!
  • coupons for back rubs and other things 😉


  • All the ways they annoy you
  • Inappropriate jokes
  • Notes to life their spirit. Tell them how they’re a rock star!

Your Co-Worker/Employee/Boss:

  • Notes of encouragement.
  • Workplace appropriate Jokes (If you want to avoid HR)
  • Random rewards/prizes for moral boosts.


So on and so forth! the possibilities are endless. Could be used for an anniversary, birthday, appreciation gift, or any holiday involving a gift!

Simply write out positive notes to the person receiving this gift. Fold them all fancy or just in half if you’re in a rush.

I made a TikTok where I show you how to make a heart shaped note if you’re interested!

Each note could just say “I love you” if you aren’t feeling motivated enough to think of different notes.

I’ve also seen people do this but instead of love notes they wrote down date night ideas.


Date Night Jars Ideas for:

Movie lovers:

  • Movies you can watch together.
  • Write a bunch down, mix em’ up and pull one out at random.

Music Lovers:

  • Song puns! Take music titles and turn them into love notes or jokes.
  • Write down songs or albums you want to listen to together.

Adventure Seekers:

  • Places to go hiking, sight-seeing, exploring, or drive to.
  • Nearby towns you can spontaneously drive to on the weekend for a day trip.

Or combine them all into one jar! The possibilities are endless here!


love note jar