i love you

Glass Etching! Seems so elegant and complicated. I’m just gonna pop in here to tell you that it is not as complicated as you think. I bought a 10oz bottle of glass etching cream from Amazon. I am pretty sure I have personally funded one of Jeff Bezo’s Vacation homes.

I definitely shop Etsy for more personalized items or gifts. For craft supplies, I run down to my local craft store. Amazon is very convenient. Be nice to your delivery drives and combine your orders to all come on a Friday or something so that your delivery driver doesn’t have to show up at your house EVERY DAY. I mean give them a break, they have enough to do! Most of the stuff I order I don’t NEED the next day. It’s nice but not necessary. I’ve derailed a bit here…

Back on track! Glass Etching is super simple. Even more simple if you have a Cricut or some other kind of vinyl cutting machine. It is not necessary to have one of these machines but it does help immensely.


etch cream

The best way to go about doing this is to create some kind of stencil. I found a font that I liked and made sure it was the perfect size to fit my glass jar I’m using. My Cricut cut out the letters so it was easier for me to just pull them off. If you do not have a Cricut then you can always take an X-Acto knife to some vinyl and carve out your own saying too.

Once that is done I lay the outline of the words onto the glass. You can put painter’s tape on the sides if you’re concerned but I never have. Make sure that Vinyl is pressed down well. If there are any bubbles or holes the cream will infiltrate and it is not forgiving.


After that just glob your cream in the outline with a paintbrush from the dollar store. They sell them in packs of 20 for a buck! I go pretty thick just to make sure it’s consistent throughout the whole thing. Wait 15+ minutes then rinse it off. Just try not to touch it. Use gloves if you do, or a paper towel to rub the rest off underwater. There are warnings all over the bottle that it can burn the skin so I just avoid contact completely.

water on jar

Rinse the jar off and if no water got in your stencil then you can put another coat of the etch cream if you feel like it. I felt one was efficient enough.

You can do so much with this! Print out designs, names, phrases, and whatever else you can think of! I put mine on a jar, but you could easily use wine glasses, votives, or anything glass! My favorite was the matching stemless wine glasses saying Mr. & Mr.

Final Result:

i love you


I’ve made many things with glass etching. The bottle will last a long time. I still have so much left from this little jar!

It is a great way to personalize gifts.