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I’ve seen hydro dipping around the TikTok and wanted to try it. I figured this would be a good introduction to that mess! I got some coffee cups and different types of nail polish.


The dollar store can have great materials for a nice inexpensive gift for someone. Pair this nicely with some hot cocoa packs and you got a handmade gift for whoever you forgot on your list this year! I made three mugs for $6

I was honestly a bit intimidated by this one. I have no idea why I was, it was so incredibly easy. Only thing is my right hand has very weirdly colored finger tips now from not being careful.

My only advice is use a bucket, or a Tupperware container that you don’t care about. It WILL get stained by the left over nail polish. Which I figured would happen so I wasn’t unprepared for it. Plus my bucket was already old and gross so I didn’t care if it got ruined.


When I Dip, We Dip, You Dip!

This craft was so so so easy.

  • Fill up your bucket with water. Enough to where you will have plenty of room to dip your cups.
  • Drizzle your nail polish on the surface of the water.

You can do any many colors as you want. I just did a back and forth pattern but it conjoined with all the lines around into a big blob. So if you want more of a marbling try to spread it out.

Please forgive the following photo for the old bucket but I still wanted to give you a visual of what I did.

nail polish in water

Then simply dip your cup. Once you’ve started dipping try not to come back up until you’re done. I spilled a bit on the inside. Thankfully no ink got in so I was lucky there. However if I was able to wipe it away quick enough I’m sure I could get away with it not staining.

dipping mug

You can see I have ink all over my hands from holding the handle. I learned to just use my fingertips around the lip of the cup. that way the handle can get some paint too and I can go further down with the mug.

I was mainly just playing around with it and wanted to see the patterns I got. I got some neat ones I think! I was actually very happy with how it turned out! Very surprised with how easy it was. I even took the all black one and dipped some blue on it afterwards.

It looks really neat in my opinion and could very easily be given as a gift. If you had a Cricut you could spice it up even more with a personalized vinyl cutout. If you don’t have a Cricut then you could always buy a customized vinyl sticker on Etsy for cheap.

final product


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