movie watching kit

Another Dollar Store gift idea! The dollar store has many little treasures. Combining those treasures into one finely crafted gift doesn’t take much skill. Just takes a little bit of imagination!

This gift is for all the film fanatics, the binge watchers, and whoever else just enjoys a bit of telly!

I went to the dollar store down the street from me and found that they actually had a lot of movies and television series there. They actually did not have a bad selection either! I got some Doctor Who because why the hell not?! My favorite companion was Martha.

I know, I know. I get a lot of crap for that one. I guess a lot of people thought she was the worst.

She made her own decision to leave. She saw where it was going and was like “mmmmm nope.” Then she showed up in Torchwood (the spinoff) and came back a couple times in the main series too I believe. I love a reoccurring character!

whoops, I derailed the post to talk about Doctor Who. My bad, lets get back to it *cough* MarthaWasTheBest *cough*



I was hoping to find a popcorn tin or container at the dollar store. They’ve had them in the past but this time they had limited selections.

Items I grabbed:

  • Red Bowls (pack of 2)
  • Gummy Snacks
  • Popcorn
  • 2 Candy Boxes
  • A Carbonated Beverage
  • A Movie, or TV Series


The Dollar store has a great selection of little box candies. I could’ve grabbed so many different kinds! Their candy and snack selection is pretty decent surprisingly. Grab a variety for that special little movie watcher and combine them all together!

A nice ribbon on it or even a note explaining the gift would really complete the package.

Could even wrap this up as date night gift! Get all the snacks you want from the dollar store and present it to your loved one. Presentation is key! gotta make it look presentable or it won’t be as adorable!

I slapped a bow on mine because I’m classy.

Now its ready! If you want to conceal it then get a gift bag (from the dollar store) and assemble the kit in there! They actually have a very good selection of gift bags. Even more so around the holidays.

There ya have it! A quick, easy, and inexpensive gift that will mean a lot since you put effort into it! Hand pick out those items for whoever is receiving it and they will surely appreciate a customized gift just for them and their binge watching habits!