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The dollar store is just straight up wonderful. Buying things from there doesn’t make you cheap. It makes you smart!

If you give a single item to someone from the dollar store as a gift then you aren’t trying. If you spice them up and combine them with a few other things then you have a well thought out inexpensive gift! You can re-create this idea below for under 5 bucks.

For this gift, I used four essential items.

  • Whisk
  • Rubber Spatula
  • Spatula
  • Oven Mitt

whisk, spatula, rubber spatula, and oven mitt

Obviously, you can add more to this list.

I started by removing all the packaging. Just because you shop at the dollar store doesn’t mean everyone needs to know your secret.

I have puns ready for these four items that will knock your socks off. These puns will be written down, and attached to each item. Then all combined to make a packaged gift.

I decided to make mine pandemic-themed because if I can’t laugh at the serious things, I will just uncontrollably sob.

Pandemic Themed Puns:

  • For the Rubber Spatula: Spread cheer, not COVID
  • For the Whisk: We WHISK you’d stop the spread!
  • For the Spatula: Wear a FLIPPING Mask!
  • For the Oven Mitt: Life is what you BAKE it

puns on paper

My handwriting is atrocious. I took to my Cricut to write these out for me.

I cut them into strips and took my whole punch to the end.

I actually got a pack of rubber bands in a pack from the dollar store a couple of years ago. I’m sure they still sell them. I just looped them around and attached the slips of paper to the items.

puns tied to the kitchen utensils


Holiday Versions:

You can put a more holiday-friendly spin on these if you’d like. The Oven Mitt one can stay the same.

The Rubber Spatula pun you could simply say: “Spread holiday cheer!”

As for the Whisk you can say: “We WHISK you a happy holiday!”

Lastly, the Spatula could say: It’s FLIPPIN’ Christmas!

So many options! You could even add some cookie mix to the whole package and write ” I did it all for the cookie!” or ” A BATCH made in heaven!”

Those are just a few golden nuggets but I’m sure you’re one smart cookie and can think of your own gold as well. If not, let me know and I’ll be happy to come up with some for ya! It’s not a pun-ishment, coming up with these are pun-derful.


Final Result:

I decided last minute to add a mask to mine. Since the pun says to wear a mask I figured I may as well throw one in there!

It has a loop on the oven mitt so this could even be hung as a stocking. This could BE a stocking. Even replace the mitt with a stocking. You do whatever you feel is perfect! I tucked all my slips of paper in just because it looked super messy with them flopping all over the place.