Ornaments! So many ornaments! Of course at the store they want an outrageous amount for something you could do yourself!

I’ll be showing you a quick and easy way to make glitter ornaments. The glitter will be inside the ornaments so it won’t get everywhere. However it will get everywhere while you’re making these ornaments. I’m still cleaning up glitter from when I did this last week! I’m messy though. I go for the speed records with repetitive crafts like this. If you’re careful and use a funnel or something then you may not make as much of a mess as I did.

This method will work for any kind of clear or transparent ornament. I used ball ornaments but Bulb or Disk ones would work too. I prefer plastic because my husband likes to drop and break all our glass ones. If you drop the plastic ones then you might just get a splash of glitter on the floor instead of an ENTIRE glitter bomb.

I ended up using a 30 pack of ornaments bought 60% off the week after Christmas. so It was not expensive for me to get the clear ornaments. However I think you can a pack of 20 for around 12 bucks from Walmart. That and the Glitter-It! from Amazon and you can get 20 ornaments for under 20 bucks. That’s if you’re paying full price and that still isn’t terrible!


Materials Used:

  1. Plastic clear ornaments
  2. Glitter-It!
  3. Glitter
  4. Paper towels
  5. Smaller glass or jar


materials for making ornaments


Throw Some Glitter Make It Rain:

First take out all the topper parts from the ornaments. Take them off and put them to the side. They are all uniform so it doesn’t matter if they get mixed up.

I used a small jar to set my ornament on while I poured the solution in.

pouring the glitter-it solution into the ornament


I probably poured more than I should of, but I wanted to make sure everything inside is coated evenly. You want to take that solution and swirl it around. Do NOT just cover the whole and shake it, that will just bubble the solution up and may not get everything. I know because I tried and failed.

You’ll just want to roll the ornament around in your hands all while tipping it towards the opening.

solution in the ornament

Once you reach the opening you can either pour the excess back into the bottle or another ornament. If I have a lot leftover in the ball then I just pour into the next ornament I would be making. You want to make sure you get as much as you can out of the ornament.

dripping leftovers back into bottle

Next pour your glitter into the ornament. This is where a funnel would be handy but instead I just dumped it straight in from the source. Make sure your paper towels are down to try and save your work surface from being forever glittered. Just like with the liquid I slowly rotated the ball around covering all the surfaces. After that I used my impatient method where I plugged the whole and shook it like a madman. After that I just poured the excess into my jar.

glittering the ornament

You can be a bit generous with the glitter. However just know that the excess glitter poured out of the ornament can’t really be reused. I tried and it just isn’t the best. It gets all clumpy and wont coat the insides very well.

excess glitter from ornament


Repeat for however many ornaments you have. I let the ornaments sit until I was done which may have been a half hour before I put the tops on. I put them back in carefully and didn’t notice anything being scratched by the prongs. Maybe a little near the rim. If I didn’t twist the top once I placed them inside then I wouldn’t have to worry about visible scratches on the glitter. My little bottle of Glitter-It probably lasted me at least 50 ornaments. which is pretty good for a tiny 6 dollar bottle.

Thats it! Quick & easy homemade ornaments! you can always take them to a Cricut machine for custom vinyls or some kind of sticker to spice it up!

If you would like any quick tips on the Cricut please click here for a quick guide I created!


Have fun and I’m sorry for the mess!