Totoro is a forest spirit from Hayao Miyazaki. The movie is an anime called My Neighbor Totoro and it is cute as hell. The release date in America was May 7th 1993.

Day 30 of Artober is Surface. I tried to be artsy and nerdy all at once. Something that I’m pretty good at!

Hayao Miyazaki has many amazing movies! I am not sponsored by HBO but they have a pretty big collection of his on their streaming service: HBO Plus.

Materials Used:

  1. Peel and stick Moss
  2. Totoro figures
  3. Wood Stain
  4. Various 1×2 pieces
  5. Wood glue
  6. Scissors
  7. Wood clamps


My Neighbor Totoro Wall Art:

I decided to make an art piece with various pieces of 1×2 wood I had lying around. I used three different kinds of stain. Laying out the pieces helped me see which ones needed what stain.

GP is Golden Pecan.

EC is English Chestnut.

DW is Dark Walnut.


staining 1x2 pieces


After I stained all the bottom pieces I had also stained a long 1×2 piece to go over the top of the others.

I glued all the pieces together and the top piece as well. I clamped to make sure they would all be properly glued together.

holding the pieces together


Once that all dried I broke out the peel and stick moss. I had to cut 2 long strips and then placed them on the top part carefully to line it up correctly. I used a scissor I didn’t care too much about since that moss leave a sticky residue on the scissors.

peel and stick moss

After that I drilled tiny holes in various spots to stick in the tiny fake trees. Between these trees I glued on Cat Bus and Totoro. I got the trees and the figures on Its a wonderful site full of weird things that are really reasonably priced it just takes months for your purchases to get shipped to you.

cat bus



Final Result:

I did not want to overload it with too many trees up top. the focus is supposed to be the surface but since there is so much going on below the surface I also didn’t want to take away from that by being too busy up top.

final result


This stands up on its own because I made sure that the longest planks were distributed evenly. I just need to find a nice spot on the wall to give it a proper home!

final result