Donald Trump is the devil. Simple as that. Many people say to keep politics out of business and blah blah blah. However human rights are not politics. Most recently him and Amy Coney Barett are threatening to take away my marriage. Many of my rights are also up in the air. Being gay has nothing to do with government so leave us the hell alone!

If they pass this bullshit it will be like someone coming up to me and saying “legally we do not recognize your existence or rights for marriage.” Think about that for a second. The government will be telling me that my marriage will be abolished. All because I can’t help that I love a man. It’s not a choice.

You think we would CHOOSE this kind of bullshit to be pushed on us. absolutely not.

If you don’t approve of gay marriage then don’t marry a gay person. simple as that. My marriage does NOT effect you in ANY way possible.

My husband and I are good people that do good things. If all you see is hatred when looking at us then look away bitch.

Day 29 of Artober is Blame. I blame that fool for many many things. How can I not when he threatens my rights and my marriage with my husband.

Here’s how I made Satan:

First I drew his stupid face with an expo marker. It was very easy to fix mistakes or wipe away after the carving. Way better than a sharpie or pencil.

After that I followed the lines and stabbed the pumpkin a bunch. I don’t have any real advice or tips here. My lines were too thin so I had to go over them all again and widen them afterwards so the light would shine through.


This pumpkin rotted faster than any other pumpkin I’ve carved and I have done 1 or 2 every year for over a decade. If that’s not symbolism or a metaphor for what he is doing to our country then I don’t know what is.

With all that being said here is the  pumpkin I carved. It is Donald Trump as the devil.

Devil in disguise Tiktok here