final result

Televisions have come a long way. I remember the very large box TVs or tube TVs. I had one that was a 30 inch I believe and I swear it weighed more than me.

Day 28 of Artober is Static. Whenever I think of static I always think of those old TVs. Have to have it on channel 3 first which was just pure static.

I decided to make a little display shelf that looks like a TV. I think I’ll end up using it whenever this pandemic is contained and I can finally open up my stand at a craft fair! It will be a perfect display for my little Pokemon terrariums I make.


Materials Used:

  1. 1×4 planks of wood
  2. 1×3 planks of wood
  3. 1×2 planks of wood
  4. Wood glue
  5. Rotary Tool
  6. Nail gun



I cut all my planks out first and assembled to make sure it would all fit nicely.

For the 1×4 planks make out the outer frame. I had two at 17-inches and three at 10-inches. One of the 10 inch pieces will be the side panel where the knobs and speaker would be.

The 1×3 Planks are going to be the inner screen area. I had two at 12-inches and two at 8.5-inches. I also had the shelf at 10.5-inches

The back will be all scrap wood. I had three smaller 1×3 planks make up the bottom then layered various sized 1×2 pieces on top. I did this because just layering the 1×2 boards didn’t fit correctly. Adding the 1×3 on the bottom made it to where all the pieces could fit in the space perfectly.

Once I made sure everything would fit like a puzzle I started gluing.


board cut and laid out


Assembling The Television:

I took the 1×4 boards for the frame and glued them together


frame glued


After that I added the side panel 1×4 then the 1x3s inside the frame.


assemblimg the 1x3 and 2x4 boards


I clamped together because it did not sit perfectly flush and I wanted the glue to hold until I could nail it.

Then I started layering down the back panel. Starting with the 1×3 boards on the bottom then layering the 1×2 boards all the way up. Gluing on each row and on the sides of the structure.


1x2 boards layered up the back


Once that was complete I added the shelf in the middle with the wood glue. Then I busted out the rotary tool to do the detail of the knobs and the speaker slits.


rotary tool on the side panel to make knobs and speaker slits


I took my nail gun to the bottom of the TV to reinforce the frame a bit more. I tried to avoid doing it on the top but I also did it there to make sure it would all stay together. The wood glue can be strong but I like knowing there will be extra reinforcement. I also nailed the shelf in through the back.


Final Result:

final result


As you can see its a perfect shelf for smaller things. I even included my Chaos Emeralds From Sonic!

As always watch the making of on TikTok!