final result

Marvel released Nova in his own series titled – A Man Called Nova in September 1976. Day 17 of Artober’s prompt was Supernova. Nova is pretty super so I just went with it! The Nova Corp is Marvel’s take on the Green Lantern Corp. Marvel and DC shared a lot of writers and artists so ideas that worked were definitely borrowed from each-other.

Supernova also makes me think of that song in Zenon. I don’t remember much of that movie expect the song that has been on repeat in my head all day! I made a TikTok with a version of that song while making this emblem if you want to check that out!

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Okay now that the shameless promotions are over! Lets get supernova!

Materials used:

  1. Band-saw
  2. Spraypaint
  3. Acrylic Paint
  4. Plywood
  5. Cricut Machine for Vinyl Cutout

You Make My Heart Go Boom Boom Boom:

First I started by taking a piece of plywood I completely forgot I had and cut a chunk out of it. I got a piece down to a 10×8 inches using the Band-saw. After that I went to Cricut and had my machine cut out an 8×8 inch Nova emblem onto vinyl. I really wanted to make sure that the lines would be crisp and clean so it was better to cut out a template instead of free-handing. After I cut the shape out with the band saw I took the vinyl off so I could paint.

vinyl of emblem on cut piece of plywood

peeling viynl off the emblem


Next I spray painted it white to cover up the wooden grain. I wanted it to be smooth so when I painted it red with the acrylic you would only see the red.


spray painting the emblem

painting the emblem red


Final Result:

Nova was one of the first comics I started collecting and one of my favorite characters. So I was happy to make this emblem and add it to my Marvel display in my office. Yes I’m one of those adults who has thousands of comics and hundreds of action figures. Don’t come for me, I am not ashamed!