I made a bed for my cat! Why? I don’t actually know why. She doesn’t even want it. It’s cute though!

It is literally a tiny bed. Most cats would love this thing. My cat hates everything. At least I found out this is super easy to make. I used scrap wood that I barely had to trim up.

Materials Used:

  1. 1×4 boards and 1×2 boards
  2. Miter Saw
  3. Wood Glue


Bed Cat Bed:

Basically, I took three 1×4 boards and trimmed them up to 14 inches long. I glued them together and two 1×2 boards on the side. Then cut two 1×2 boards to fit the ends.


After the base was done I made a headboard the same length as the end of the bed. Glued that together then to the head of the bed after I glued the feet on. The feet were just 1 or 2-inch pieces of 1×2 boards


Assemble all together and that’s a bed!

I put a cloth in there hoping that my cat would like it…

She did not.

tiny bed


So instead I put my ghost buddy in there I made for Artober- We Got A Spirit, Yes We Do!

If you would like to see my cat reject me and the bed, you can see the TikTok here.