final result

Needed an extra place to put our liquor so I made a shelf! However a liquor shelf cannot just be a normal shelf. I shaped the back to look like a bunch of wine/booze bottles. It’s simple yet elegant and not too hard to create!


Materials Used:

  1. 1×4 boards
  2. 1×2 board 21 inches
  3. Wood Stain
  4. Wood Glue
  5. Band Saw
  6. Nail Gun

Liquor?! I Barely Know Her:

I started by creating a template made of cardboard. Took a bottle and traced it then cut it out and used it for the template. I lined six 1×4 pieces of various sizes on the back to see how long I needed the shelf part to be.  After tracing onto the 1×4 pieces I would cut them out with the band saw.

cardboard template created for bottle sizes

The length of the 6 1×4 pieces was around 21 inches. I cut a longer 1×4 and the 1×2 together to make them the same length. After that I sanded the edges of everything to smooth it out.

sanding the wood


Three different kinds of stain were used.

English Chestnut on the shelf.

Red Mahogany on three of the bottles.

Dark Walnut on the other three bottles.

staining the wood

Lined them up how I liked, then glued into place. After it dried I decided to nail it with my pneumatic nailed just to fully secure it.

nailing the shelf


Final Result:

I decided to drill two holes in the back and secure that way. Just to make sure it really was secure and flush to the wall.

completed shlef


There you have it! Click here to see the making of this shelf on TikTok

Throw back to one of my first blog posts I teach you how to make a DIY sign to put over that booze shelf! Make it say something about how its Wine o’Clock!

Sign, Sign, Everywhere A DIY Sign!


This was made for day 24 of #Artober. The prompt was Addictive. I’m not trying to make fun of addiction in anyway. I was not sure how to portray this in wood form so I thought this was tasteful enough.

If you struggle with alcohol addiction or any addiction and want some resources please visit the below link: