final result

Alice in Wonderland was originally released in 1951. Since then has had many remakes and movies based on its premise. Definitely a Disney favorite for some.

Day 22 of Artober is Hole. So might as well go down the rabbit hole to Wonderland! I created my take on following Alice down the rabbit hole.

I used a couple pieces of scrap wood I had laying around, wood stain, spray-paint, a little bit of glue and my Cricut machine.

Follow Me Down The Rabbit Hole!

I had an 11×7 plank of wood lying around so I took two 1×2’s and cut them to 11 inches long. The band saw was able to cut a squiggly pattern in both. These will be put on the sides of the 11x 7 plank

sides of the art piece

After cutting the sides how I liked I stained them Red Mahogany. As those dried I took the 11×7 plank to spray paint black. I used a Satin black that works really well with the Rustoleum Color Shift. The Color Change spray works really well but has to be on a black surface. If you get from Joann’s or Hobby Lobby make sure to use the 40% coupon since these are rarely on sale! save yourself some money! Once the black dries spray on the color shift.

spraying paint onto the board


Obviously let all that dry then glue the sides on the board. I then took to the internet to find images I could use with my Cricut. Cut out a rocking chair, a tea kettle, tea cups, and some hearts on black. On White I cut out Alice and the White Rabbit. Moved them to transfer paper to get them ready to go.

cricut vinyl to put on the board


I placed them where I liked and then took it outside to throw on a bush for photography. I just felt like nature was needed for this final result photo.

Final Result:

final result

It wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t try to plug something. However I did make a bunch of Alice in Wonderland inspired Jewelry as well on my Etsy.

alice in wonderland necklace






Also check out this playlist if you’re trying to get into the Halloween spirit and need some good witchy sounds

A Halloween Playlist | Season of the Witch


Of course don’t forget the tiktok! Fun Fact: I never realized there was a Lady Gaga song about Alice in wonderland until today. I also will probably never listen to it again after today