complete dragon eggs

I have wanted to make dragon eggs for a long time. Like most things, I saw it on Pinterest and thought I would give it a go!

I vastly underestimated the number of tacks this would need. I bought a pack of 600 and used all of them on three small eggs.

Too bad I didn’t do these back in the day when Game of Thrones was popular! Would have been an awesome addition to the viewing parties we used to have.

Day 23 of Artober is scale. The dragon eggs have a scaled look to them so I thought it was a perfect fit.



  1. 600 pack of thumbtacks
  2. Black spray paint
  3. Rustoleum Color Shift
  4. Styrofoam eggs


Making The Eggs:

I started out by taking the tacks and putting them all into a piece of cardboard. After they were laid out in nice neat rows they were spray painted black. The black spray paint dried then the color shift paint was sprayed on.


color shift sprayed on the tacks


Once everything had dried I started laying them on the styrofoam. I started by putting a single tack in the middle of the bottom of the egg. Then started layering tacks around that one. Continue layering up and up.

tacks on styrofoam


I noticed that if I took out the tack and tried to reposition then it was very loose. So if you stick it in, just leave it alone after that. I used all 600 tacks for 3 of the eggs.


dragon eggs

Click here to see the TikTok of the creation of these dragon eggs.

These would be great in a bowl as a centerpiece. If you’re looking for more Halloween decor check out this Halloween Wreath DIY