Cloak and Dagger Tarot Card

Cloak and Dagger are two Marvel characters created in 1982. Their first appearance was in Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #64 (March 1982.)

Cloak & Dagger’s goal was to end drug trade/trafficking completely. Their first solo series did not do very well. However they made several guest appearances in Runaways, Spider-Man, and many other series.

Day 21 of Artober is Cloaked. I wanted to integrate Marvel somehow since I’m obsessed and whatnot.

The Hermit from Tarot cards is a cloaked figure. I cannot draw very well but I wanted to challenge myself. Using my new rotary tool I carved out a design on a 1×4 block of wood. The subtle features of Cloak’s clasp and the lines on his cloak is what sets it apart. Adding the Dagger in the cloak obviously is for the character dagger. The two are often seen with each other.

My husband has a wood burner and I briefly tried using that but I was too impatient so I moved on.

I stained the wood afterwards and it was too dark for my liking so I sanded it down which brought out the details more.

The final result didn’t leave me super fulfilled but its not awful I guess. I wanted to Practice drawing with the rotary tool and I achieved that at least! Most definitely will be practicing to make things like this better in the future.

I make a Tiktok for every creation and this was the shortest one I’ve made.

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Cloak and Dagger interpretation carved into wood