dumpster fire

Why would I create a dumpster out of wood? Well 2020 has been pretty rotten…

Day 14 of Artober is: Rotten.

I figured I would create a dumpster because those usually smell pretty rotten.

A dumpster on fire though? Oh yea.

This dumpster fire is great for any occasion! Struggling to find a centerpiece for thanksgiving? Well look no further!


Materials To Make A Dumpster Fire

  1. three planks of 1×4 wood under 5.5 inches
  2. two planks of 1×3 wood under 5.5 inches
  3. Spray Paint
  4. Wood Glue
  5. Felt
  6. cardboard
  7. Glue
  8. Vinyl
  9. Hinges
  10. Tissue Paper

Machines Used:

  1. Band-saw
  2. cricut (optional)


Let’s Dive Right Into That Dumpster Fire!

I started out with two 1×3 boards that were 5.5 inches long. These two will be the front and the bottom.

I also had one 1×4 that was 5.5 inches long. That piece will be the back of the dumpster.



Next I took the two additional 1×4 pieces and traced the sides so that I could cut them into shape with my band saw. I had little left over slivers that I made sure to keep. Those will be put on the side of the dumpster.



Once I cut those side pieces into shape I glued the whole thing together. I also used clamps just to make sure it would be a very sturdy dumpster fire.



I cut a piece of cardboard to fit as the lid. Hot glue would have been great for wrapping the felt around the cardboard. I however was too lazy to go buy some and knew I had super glue. Wasn’t the best plan since it soaks through to the other side but it worked. I also glued my hinges to the back so I can screw into the back after I paint.



Finishing Touches:

Paint that bad boy! There seems to be a debate about what color dumpsters are. Green is very popular but I see blue ones all the time. I decided to go with blue because I already had blue and was once again too lazy to go get new items. We are in a pandemic so I don’t leave unless I have to!


I then glued on those leftover bits to be the side panel thingies that the trucks use to pick the dumpster up.


All I had left to do was to clamp those side pieces on and screw in the lid.



I took yellow, red, and orange tissue paper and stuffed it inside.

I also printed off a quick 2020 vinyl sticker from my Cricut and put that on the front. Only because my penmanship is atrocious.

There ya go! now you have a dumpster fire!

dumpster fire


As always please watch the assembly of this creation put to fun music on Tiktok!

Thank you for following along! I’m excited for the next couple of days! Been working hard and got some great ones coming your way!