Marionette face

Five Nights at Freddy’s has a character named Marionette and I was very happy to learn that. Day 12 of Artober is Marionette, and I struggled finding something. If you don’t know what Five Nights at Freddy’s is then let me fill you in with a simple explanation. A terrifying Chuckie Cheese where the animatronics want you to die. I am glad I remembered this game because I really did not want to make a full on marionette puppet. Definitely was not emotional prepared for such a task.

This character is spooky so I decided to make their mask. It had its difficulties but over all was pretty fun to make. Most of the detail would need to come from painting which is not my strong suit. Might as well as get used to it. The ones I do paint end up being my favorite ones. Just like Jester’s Lollipop which you can see by clicking that link!

Well Marionette shall not be kept waiting! so lets jump in how I made this happy little friend from Five Night’s at Freddy’s.


Materials Used:

  1. 1-in x 12-in x 4-ft board
  2. 1/4-in Solid Carbide Upcut Spiral Router Bit
  3. Acrylic Paint
  4. Pencil
  5. White Chalk Paint
  6. Sand Paper


Machines Used:

  1. Wood Router
  2. Band Saw
  3. Palm Sander


Cutting Out Marionette:

I cut a my 4 foot board with my band-saw. giving me a rectangle and enough room to cut a face out of it.

Then I had to trace Marionette’s face on my chunk of wood. I found a reference photo online and did the best I could. After that just had to take them over to the band saw to cut ’em out!

traced face

Next I took the router to the mouth. I made sure to clamp the face down. Last thing I needed was the face to go flying across the room. I traced the outside of the mouth with the router and then slowly carved out the inside section.

Same thing to the eyes. Start with the outline then hollow out the inside bits.

wood router on the mouth part


Sand Marionette’s face down. I used a 80 grit paper to really get in there. Really made sure to get in the crevices and the sides to round them out a bit. I also dug into the area under the eyes with the side of the sander. This is because this area will be painted purple and I thought this might make it stand out a bit more than a flat line of paint.

sanding the face

Painting Marionette:


Paint it up! White all over. I just painted the whole thing white since I don’t want any wood grain showing. It will all be covered by darker paints anyway.


Now the details. To get a perfect circle I put a roll of tape down to trace it on the face. Then just painted red carefully in the lines.

Purple under the eyes and black in the eyes and mouth.


tape roll on the face to trace a circle


There you have it! Marionette from Five Nights at Freddy’s!


Final Result:

finished marionette face


Yeah its only slightly terrifying. Definitely going to put it in a dark corner to scare my husband when he least expects it.

To see the creepy TikTok of the making of this please click here!