Critical Roll is a podcast with voice actors all playing Dungeons and Dragons. There is a character named Jester played by Laura Bailey. Jester wields a giant lollipop. This is where I got inspiration from. That and my friend Jess who was like: “MAKE A LOLLIPOP!”

So I did.

Day 10 of Artober is Sticky. What is stickier than a giant sucker!

I set out to make a weapon worthy of Jester! it may not be as big as hers BUT I did my best!

I think making character’s items/weapons is my favorite thing to do now. I really enjoyed this as much as making the Deku Shield!


This obviously does not have to be used as a cosplay. Could be used as a lawn ornament during Christmas.

That is what my husband wants to do. He has requested 5 more for the front yard in peppermint colors.


Materials Used:

  1. Four 1×4 boards
  2. Wood Glue
  3. Clamps
  4. Protractor
  5. 1/4-in Solid Carbide Upcut Spiral Router Bit
  6. Acrylic Paint
  7. White Chalk Paint
  8. Wired Ribbon
  9. Dowel Rod
  10. Zipties


Machines Used:

  1. Wood Router
  2. Band Saw
  3. Palm Sander


Lets Get Started:

I started off by gluing four 1×4’s together. They were about 14 inches tall. I clamped it all down and together to make sure it would stay together since I was going to be cutting into them. Definitely wouldn’t want it to come apart mid-cut.



I used my Protractor to trace a circle then took it over to my band-saw. I wanted to get the circle as big as I could.



I was actually pretty happy with how that circle came out! Sometimes its hard to get those crisp lines with the band-saw especially with curves. I then sanded down the sides and face of the lollipop.



I traced a swirly with the router. I did not trace it very well… I was not the happiest with how sloppy it was. I did end up going over it again to try and smooth it out a bit. I definitely went too deep with my swirl. It should have been barely anything, just enough to engrave it instead of a whole half inch deep. Unfortunately it was too late to salvage so I had to fully commit. I don’t hate it but if I do it again It will be much more shallow of a recess.



As you can see from the above picture I have a stick in place.

I took my dowel rod and cut straight into the side a few inches down.


band saw used on Dowell Rod


After that I took the rod to the back of my lollipop and traced it. Then took the router to cut out that section so I could nestle it in there nicely with a bunch of glue.


Now time to paint.

I would have loved to fill the swirl with resin but I ran out of time. so instead I painted the whole thing white first. I used a Chalk White paint After that I used a neon pink/purple around the swirls in different sections. After that dried I used a Lacquer spray to protect the paint since it may be living outside.


Lacquer on the lollipop


Had my husband tie a ribbon around it because he can do it correctly. I would have made it all wonky so I just made him do it.

Here is a link to a YouTube video showing how to make a ribbon

There was a loop on the front that covered part of it so I was able to zip tie it, then put a zip tie through that one and onto the pole.


zip tie on the ribbon


Now proudly display it in your yard or slap some bad guys with it! its a bit heavy since its made out of wood but its still easy to swing around! You can see me do so in the TikTok I made for Artober.


Final product: