The Leigh Way, LLC | Artober header with watercolor fall leaves and paintbrushes on a wooden table top.

Artober is a magical creative month-long event that I stumbled upon, and what I love about it is that every day is a new topic or subject. To me, Artober is mainly geared towards artists who draw, and I’ll tell you right now I can’t draw very well. So, instead of drawing things out or painting…I will be channeling my creative butt in ways that’ll push me.

You’ll see some of my familiar creative outlets like my woodworking, but, get ready to see me use some new tools. I’m really excited about trying out new methods and seeing what I can come up with. Some days will be a fail, but other days will bring success! I’m hoping for minimal failures on this journey, but we shall see!

Artober has 31 days of prompts; some are spooky and others are very challenging. I have no idea what to do for a lot of these but I am hoping that inspiration strikes soon because this all starts October first.

I have a feeling that I’ll be scrambling at certain points, but I’ve also been planning carefully for a couple of days now. So far I’ve come up with many woodworking ideas. There’s going to be some sewing challenges, Cricut projects, origami ideas, and who knows what else I’ll be pulling out of my artistic ass!

To get my artistic and creative juices flowing I listen to slow covers. If you’re into that slow jam lifestyle too you can check out my slow jams playlist.

A Creative Calendar For Artober 2020:

1. Eyes
2. Mirrored
3. Spirit
4. Evolution
5. Defense
6. Monster
7. Dripping
8. Fear
9. Skin
10. Sticky
11. Imagination
12. Marionette
13. Hope
14. Rotten
15. Symbiosis
16. Interloper
17. Wired
18. Unique
19. Chaos
20. Lullaby
21. Cloaked
22. Hole
23. Scale
24. Addictive
25. Riddle
26. Repose
27. Supernova
28. Static
29. Blame
30. Surface
31. Roots
Art prompts for the month of october. Those prompts include: Eyes, Mirrored, Spirit, Evolution, Defense, Monster, Dripping, Fear, Skin, Sticky, Imagination, Marionette, Hope, Rotten, Symbiosis, Interloper, Wired, Unique, Chaos, Lullaby, Cloaked, Hole, Scale, Addictive, Riddle, Repose, Supernova, Static, Blame, Surface, Roots   Feel free to do this as well if it looks like something you would enjoy! The Artober list was created by @Juli_artwork. I will be honest and say I did not find it from her. A painter friend of mine shared the list and I thought it looked fun. If you attempt any of these please feel free to tag us! I’d love to see what you have created! were on Instagram @The_LeighWay or Facebook @TheLeighWay Happy Artober and happy crafting!