Wedding parties need gift bags!? Since When?!

Nothing against destination weddings or expensive venues but that’s just not my style. My husband and I are already swimming in student loans and mortgage payments. We didn’t want to start our life together with even more debt. When we were planning our big day we wanted to do it on a budget but still be classy.

10 tips for a wedding on a budget

We decided to have our wedding in the backyard of our newly bought home. We wanted it small, and intimate. The people closest to us would be in a space that we worked so hard to make presentable.

We started by choosing our wedding party. Each of us would have a party of three. that made our wedding party about 7 people with the officiant (I made an extra for our photographer who was also a friend of ours.) We wanted to give them small gifts to show our appreciation. We saw a lot of stuff on Pinterest separating things into Mr. & Mrs. or bride and groom.

We are two men that were getting hitched, so all the “his & hers” stuff didn’t apply here… We got a brain blast to make the bags look like little tuxes. Inside we would put handmade gifts and other things. I’ll write another post about that later since I’m scrambling for ideas to write abou- I mean to give you more great ideas and things to looks forward to!

Gift bags made to look like tuxes


Materials you need:

  1. Black bags (Link below to Amazon)
  2. White paper
  3. Black paper
  4. Textured or patterned paper for the bow ties and pocket squares
  5. Another patterned paper for the buttons. (we used comic books)
  6. Glue

Super Simple to create!

cut a long triangle out of the white paper to act as the shirt underneath the jacket (the jacket is the black bag.) Glue that baby down on the front of the bag.

I used a paper punch in the shape of a heart. I took it to an old damaged comic book that had no value and used those cutouts for the buttons. glued three of them down the triangle in a line

Next, I had some scrapbook paper that I never used and found a polka dot pattern that worked well enough. I found an extra sheet that looks similar but inverted colors so I decided to use that one for his side so that they differed slightly. Next, I cut out the rough shape of a bow tie and glued that little guy’s bottom half on the top part of the bag. The bow should stick up over the top of the bag.

I took that same paper and cut out two triangles. One larger than the other. Glued them next to each other right around where a pocket would be (halfway down the bag worked nicely.) after those are glued down you will have to place a long thin strip of black over the bottom of the triangles. it should be longer than the length of the two triangles to make it look like the pocket square is tucked in.

gift bags made to look like tuxes

There ya have it! Super simple gift bags for under 10 bucks.

Works great for a gay wedding party! Works great for the groom’s side! Works great for a fancy gift bag to an elegant bachelor! Spice up them bags and make it fun! I don’t think it even took me an hour to do all eight. It took no time at all. I’ll tell you what does take time, a relationship. so work at it! remember that you’re loved, and love is love.