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This my first ever Music Playlist on TheLeighWay.com. I like all types of music but my favorite lately is slow covers. A song that shouldn’t be able to have an acoustic cover that is done correctly can be chilling. A slow cover doesn’t always have to mean “sad.” Some of these bands can take a song and just really brighten it up. However, there are some that can take those happy songs and just flip them upside down. Really haunt it up.

I love a good mix of both on my playlist. I just really love music you can chill to.

I thought I’d compile my top favorite songs just for you! This by no means is saying these are the best slow or chill covers out there. I personally think they are, BUT this is all just my opinion. Feel free to comment some of your own personal favorites, I’m always down to hear suggestions! I love finding new music!


My Top 10 Slow Jams Playlist:

10. Countdown – Sondre Lerche

I’m not a Beyonce gay but I love this version of the song. I get so much crap as a gay man for not being into Beyonce. I appreciate her music but she’s not my “Queen” by any means. I’ll listen if she comes on but I don’t seek her out. This version of her song however I seek out! It’s just hella chill, and when he starts the countdown *Chefs Kiss* I just love it. The sound just screams “chill out bro.” It’s like the universe says “Hey yo, grab a beer, kick back, I gotchoo for the next 3 minutes and 29 seconds.”

9. Holding Out For A Hero- Nothing but Thieves

Oh, man! Hold out for that hero. The vibe is definitely that there’s none left and the world is an awful place BUT there is hope! Hold on! It’s beyond your reach but it is there! This is the kind of song I picture a heroic slow walk from movies. Right when that chorus hits just picture 5 people side by side walking down the middle of a street for some reason. The saturation and contrast are pumped up high. Slow plan up from the street starting at their feet. Hair blowing perfectly in the wind. ready to take on the world!

8. Man In The Mirror – J2, Cameron the Public

This one is definitely one you listen to after having a social interaction that you just did NOT want to have. You just told the dude at the movies “You too” after he said “Enjoy the movie… It’s the song you blare while you stand in front of a mirror and stare deep into your own eyes soaking up all the lyrics. Have that mental pep talk with yourself. Start with that person in the mirror. Point yourself down and be like “YOU will NOT have an anxiety attack today! YOU got this! The lady at the checkout does not care that you told her to have a goose day. Everyone combines good and nice into one word on accident all the time! its fiiiiiine!”

7. Stand By Me – Ki:Theory

Oof. This one. One of my good buddies introduced me to this one. It’s so deep and dark. I love it. Which is why its made its way into my slow jams. It’s like yeah okay, you said you’ll stand by me BUT will you STAND by me? Like shits gonna go down, you still with me homie?

6. Sound of Silence – Natalie Prass

Alright! Finally a happy one! This woman is a genius. She took one of the saddest and depressing songs I’ve ever heard and made it fun. Threw a funky bass line over it and rubbed them chill AF vibes all up in your ear holes. The first time I heard it, I just started giggling. Like, come on! It’s so ridiculous but it’s so good! It definitely found its way onto a burned CD years ago and that CD is still in my car.

5. Harvest Moon – Handsome Ghost

Ugh so chill. So nice. This is the one that plays while I’m cleaning or something and I will make my husband come and slow dance with me in the kitchen. There are a few we have that make us do that and it’s such a nice moment. This song is just such a nice moment for me. I’d rank it higher but the next ones just have those sounds that please me so much.

4. California Dreaming – Amason

This one is pure nostalgia. My parents used to blare the Mamas and Papas when I was younger and this song always stuck with me. The sound on this cover is just so wonderful. the backup singers are my absolute favorite. that dude in the back with the sultry deep voice really brings it home. They sound bored back there singing but damn I just love it! so nice it warms my heart. Makes you do that dance where you just close your eyes, put one hand on your chest slightly clutching your heart area, and just groove side to side slowly.

3. Torn – James TW

Quintessential lay on the floor (clothed of course) surrounded by candles kind of song. Just blare the song, stare at the ceiling, and viiiiiiiibe with it! This is how I feel, I’m cold and I’m asha- wait no. I’m definitely not ashamed or torn about this song. The kind of song you put on at the end of the night when everyone’s sharing songs to sing along with or chill out to.

2. You’re the One That I Want – Lo Fang

This the song that launched me into my slow/chill cover kick. It starts out all haunting and sexy. When he says he’s got chills I reply with “same dude, same.” I would have never expected a song originally from the musical Greece to have been re-invented into this greatness. Its that song you sing to the person that is not right for you, but you want them anyway. Don’t worry, I don’t sing it now. I’m happily married. This was waaaaaaaay before Daniel showed up in my life! had to go through them toxic relationships first and really hit that quota before moving on to greatness. I love the sound of this one so much. like I said before, haunting and sexy. its just the best way to describe it. Just be true to your heart! If you can’t find the one that you want, then BE the one that you want!

1. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) – Sleeping At Last

Wouldn’t be a slow or chill cover playlist without a Sleeping at Last cover. That guy has done a slow cover of practically everything. This one though. Oh my god. Takes that happy 500 miles song that you belt along within the car and just really makes you think about the lyrics. This song holds a special place in my heart. My husband and I actually slow danced to this song at our wedding. The lyrics are absolutely beautiful. We were trying to find a song to dance to and could not agree until we came upon this one. we laughed at first but then really dissected the lyrics and I’m pretty sure gazed into each-others eyes singing each word with love. GAH! TOOO CUTE! CAN’T HANDLE! THE FEEEEEEEELS!

Well, there you have it. I have sooooo many more. I’ve been compiling my favorites since 2015. Many make the list, get annoying, then leave the list. However, I still do have my Spotify playlist if you’re looking for some greatness to fill up those skin flaps on the side of your face.

Please feel free to share with me your own playlists or top chill cover songs. I’d love to hear them!

Look at you sticking around to the end!

Thanks for reading!

Remember that you are great and you deserve greatness!