I’m a Millennial. Which means I fall into some stereotypes. Introvert? Oh hell yes. Way before the pandemic even. I was socially distancing way before it was mandatory. Some might say I was doing it before it was cool. I definitely fall into the stereotype of a coffee addict. I’m way too cheap for Starbucks every day. I put in minimal effort and just make my own.

I buy a cheap bag of already ground roasted coffee. One of these days I’ll buy the beans and grind them myself. I hear it’s so much better fresh. However, I’m a monster and dilute a lot of the flavor with creamer. I ain’t ashamed. Back in my college days, I’d slam a cup of black coffee no problem. Now as I’m over 30 and my body betrays me with certain things. I’ve decided its time to desecrate the liquid gold. Might as well make it delicious for me since I’m the one that drinks it every day.

I buy my coffee in bulk from my local wholesaler club! A magical place called BJ’s! I know it isn’t everywhere like Sam’s or Costco but they have similar items and way fewer people. I used a Medium Roast 100% Arabica. I’m going to be real honest with you… I don’t know what any of that means. I just drink the stuff. I trust the taste buds. I try a new bag every now and then just to keep it interesting. Thankfully my commitment issues run deep with coffee and not my men. I wish I was a snob about it and knew the ins and outs. I believe I am a snob about so many other things that I’ve already filled my quota on snobbishness. So I’m good there.

I found a super simple way to make iced coffee. This method takes away most of that bitterness and you’re left with the rich bold flavors that really rock them socks off. If you prepare it today, then you’ll be ready to enjoy it tomorrow! I used to use Mason Jars to prepare. Recently I upgraded to something bigger so I didn’t have to make a batch every day. You may want to start with something smaller when you start just in case you don’t like it. I use a blender cup that has a little lid for smoothies or something else I never used it for. This cup can hold 24oz or 3 cups.

I use the larger side on this scoop and pull out 3 heaps of awesome. Which equals about 1/2 cup worth of coffee grounds. I like it strong. so you may have to play with it to find the level you like. You can also add water later to dilute a bit if it ends up being too strong for your delicate little taste buds. After that, I fill up the cup with the filtered water from my fridge. Tap water down in Florida smells like sulfur and I ain’t about that life. You can use whatever water you want but I do find that filtered or from a bottle makes it taste better. combine the water and grounds and then shake that saucy little minx up! Shake the devil outta it! Okay, you don’t have to shake it that much! Just enough to combine everything. You will eventually be left with this chunky mess:

I used to leave it on the counter but it would always be in my way and bother me. There’s no harm in storing it in the fridge. I’ve done it for years and haven’t noticed a difference in flavor. Leave it alone for at least 24 hours. no need to stir, shake, poke prod, or anything at all for 24 hours. The hardest part is draining the grounds. I have a coffee machine, so I detach the filter part and just put it over my cup. I use a paper filter for easy cleanup because my garbage disposal stopped working and I’m too lazy to replace it…

If you don’t have an apparatus like mine there are other methods. You can always carefully use paper filters. I found that is the easiest alternative if you don’t have a coffee machine. You may have to hold it there though or find a funnel from the dollar store to put it in. Just DO NOT squeeze it after it drains. You will release all the bitterness trapped in those grounds and into your cup. DO NOT squeeze that filter after it drains! I’ve learned the hard way. The whole point is to lose that bitterness. Once you got it all drained then your cup of liquid happiness is ready to be poured over some ice. Add your sugar, add your creamer, add your rum or anything else to spice it up. No lie though, Rum goes really well with iced coffee… just not during work hours of course… I mean- if you’re working from ho- NO! nevermind, don’t do it!



So there ya have it. lube your insides up with some liquid sexual-ness that literally just takes minutes to prepare.  Just make sure to drink it all within like a week or two. I feel like after 12 days it might start getting a little funky. I never let mine go that long though since I don’t have any self-control. The hardest part is waiting the 24 hours. I promise you that it’s worth the wait, just like you are! <3