Well, hello there! I suppose my first blog post should be an introduction. Well its a crisp autumn night here and the wind is blowi- no. No, its not… I don’t know why I’m lying to you. I live in florida and its hot! Hotter than the Devil’s ass crack. I’ve been reading a lot of blogs for inspiration to know how to approach this correctly. So many are artsy and professional but I’m barely one of those things, and I fake the other.

I’ve just decided I’m going to do it my way. It possibly won’t be the best way around, but it will be my way, which is the Leigh way. Damn, I’m getting good at this! I’m already incorporating the name of the blog into my post. I’ll do it again FLAWLESSLY near the end, just wait and see! Oh, also for future reference: Leigh is pronounced like Lee. Bruce, Amy, and Ug are not related to me, unfortunately.

I got the inspiration to start this blog from creating a workbench in my garage. Well actually- just from creating everything in my garage. A miter saw cart, a peg board wall, and a nice workbench built over an existing metal drawer unit. I’m especially proud of this bench because I looked at a picture online and just used it as a reference. I’ve come a long way from needing exact measurements and specs from Pinterest. Is my creation perfect? Oh yes! 100% it is! I mean- it is to ME. In reality, it has a wonky leg, and it’s probably not even level since I didn’t bother to check… I said I came a long way earlier, but didn’t specify the exact distance for a reason.

My goal was to create a workspace for my husband and I to make our home projects easier. Every time I walk into the garage to admire my handiwork (since it’s still new at the time of writing this) I notice another flaw. it has character and will help me create even better things with the skills I learned while crafting it!

I did NOT document the process step by step because of excuses BUT I will do my best to document from here on out! I hope to bring your eyes many fun things to gaze upon in the future. From woodworking shenanigans to horror-themed treats, to who even knows! The world is my oyster and I’m gonna shuck it the Leigh way! I’m a pretty creative guy and I hope to try many new things with this blog. Hope to see more of you soon! Thanks for stopping by!